Main Security and Investigations Security & Investigations At Main Security and Investigations, our simple philosophy is to deliver professional, integrated security solutions and private investigative services for a wide range of clients with the most competitive prices in the industry. Based on decades of military and law enforcement experience, we strongly believe that leadership at the top of our organization, educated and well trained staff, ongoing field training, and innovative technology, all coupled with excellent customer service, can meet and exceed your unique security goals.

Meet the executive team of Main Security & Investigations in Houston, Tx

Main Security and Investigations is licensed by Texas Private Security Bureau (License # C19295), to provide a wide range of Security Services designed to meet your unique requirements as in Armed and Unarmed Security Guards/Off-Duty/Retired Police Officers, Patrol Services, Consulting and Risk Assessments, Investigation Services and more, throughout the City of Houston and surrounding metropolitan neighborhoods. We specialize in creating security solutions for today’s real world challenges, customizing your security needs by a team of professionals with extensive experience, so that your business can prosper, while people and assets are protected. MSI provides security services to individuals, businesses and organizations, serving a multitude of industries from Residential Communities to Commercial Properties, Health Care Facilities, Educational, Financial and Religious Institutions.

Nicole Eremia

Nicole Eremia

Nicole oversees the operations and financial aspects of the company focusing on growth, leadership and excellence in customer service. She has worked for over 10 years in the private security industry and as a business owner, she is committed to build great relationships with clients and team members, consistently improving services through innovation. Nicole is a licensed private investigator, has a Bachelor’s of Arts degree in Social Work and a Master’s of Arts in Media Communications.


Bernard Aguirre

Bernard is a Texas licensed Peace Officer with a master-level peace officer certification and an honorable retired sergeant after a successful career of 30 years with the Houston Police Department (HPD), where he held numerous leadership positions. He has been trained and assigned over the years to different divisions within the Houston Police Department, accumulating extensive experience in identifying and developing differential responses to crimes, solving community issues, working and interacting effectively with people at many levels, emergency response planning, riot control and dignitary protection. As a senior director of operations, Bernard is responsible for organizing and overseeing all security operations of the firm, training and supervising security officers, performing security consulting and implementing standard policies and procedures.

Roland Aguirre

Roland Aguirre

Director of Investigations

Roland is responsible for planning and supervising the day-to-day operations of investigation teams, training investigation personnel, designating cases, reviewing and evaluating reports as well as implementing investigation processes and policies. He has been a private investigator for the past thirteen years, worked many investigative cases such as murders, accidental death, re-construction of motor vehicle accidents, copy-right infringement surveillance and child custody cases. He has conducted raids on counterfeit products and worked with companies finding missing assets and misappropriations of funds that dealt with accounting and finance practices. Prior to becoming a private investigator and joining Main Security and Investigations, Roland held different management positions for loss prevention measures and inventory control at large retail corporations. Roland has a Bachelor’s of Arts degree in Business Finance and a minor in Mathematics from Texas A&M University.

Main Security and Investigations and Surveillance Specialty Group have teamed together in our endeavor to supply clients with professional investigative/physical surveillance services and a IV levels surveillance training program, coordinated by master instructor Joe Glad, designed to prepare students to operate with confidence and perform in a productive and discreet manner. Whether you need forensic accounting, fire arms and concealed handgun license instructors, experienced and proven criminal investigators, proven and professionally trained surveillance specialists to provide covert physical surveillances, pre-employment background search or process serving, our goal is to provide you with a broad team of experts in the security, surveillance and investigation fields to ensure your security objectives and investigative assignments are well taken care of.

Joseph M. Glad

Joseph M. Glad

Surveillance Specialty Group is led by Joe Glad. Joe is a highly trained and experienced manager of a covert physical surveillance entity, including assignment as a surveillance National and Regional Response Coordinator. He has been responsible for all aspects of surveillance operations from planning through execution, as well as being responsible for collection, analysis and dissemination of intelligence gathered during secret operations. Joe has strong qualifications in surveillance reporting and performance appraisals of employees. He has been instrumental in a number of innovative and cutting-edge initiatives while working closely with executive managers of the FBI at FBI Headquarters in Washington DC. He ensured subordinates had and continued to receive necessary training in the most up-to-date tradecraft and technology. He followed employee progress and training needs throughout their career.

As a surveillance Coordinator, from 1993 to 2008, Joe was responsible for a large pool of a mobile surveillance personnel and a mid-size group of static surveillance personnel. He supervised both the static and mobile surveillance programs as one combined squad for over two years. He worked in this type of fast-paced, high volume operational environment for 16 years.

Joe developed and implemented numerous technical, operational and training manuals involving the surveillance trade. The manuals are designed to assist the surveillance employee with writing documents, vouchers, travel request forms, security awareness issues, cover stories, and building security. Some of the manuals have been designated as prototypes and are used by all other FBI Divisions.

Charles Marler

Charles Marler

Charles worked for the FBI for 16 years learning all facets of the Bureau’s complex operations from evidence collection, radio communications, aviation surveillance, and Forward Looking Infra-Red (FLIR). Charles was an Investigative Specialist for 12 years as a member of the Special Surveillance Group and conducted, organized and completed thousands of surveillances on Drug (as FLIR operator), Intelligence and Terrorism targets. He participated in joint training operations with the DIA, DEA, JCTA and CIA. Charles was an instructor and evaluator numerous times for the FBI’s surveillance training programs.

Charles managed a number of FLIR System Operators while coordinating one of the FBI’s prominent FLIR programs. He provided case guidance, became an expert in the operation and maintenance of FLIR equipment, and personally trained or provided training for his operators. Under Charles leadership and guidance the FLIR program conducted numerous successful operations against espionage subjects, suspected terrorism subjects, drug shipments, violent crime, and kidnap searches.

Since 2008, Charles has been a co-owner of a private investigative firm based in Houston and has worked as a Private Investigator in Texas for the past four years which specializes in covert physical surveillance operations. As a P.I. he has performed criminal investigations and conducted surveillance operations involving workman’s compensation, child custody, drug use, theft, and the elusive but frequent cheating spouse.

Kenny Rodgers

Kenny Rodgers

He has served over 33 years as an investigator for the Harris County District Attorney’s Office where he advanced to the position of Chief of Investigators supervising over 56 investigators. During his tenure at the District Attorney’s Office he was in charge of thousands of investigations and personally responsible for hundreds of felony arrests and prosecutions. He spent 12 years as the lead investigator of the electronic surveillance detail of the Special Crimes Bureau.

Kenny was a key player in the design and implementation of the art technology now used by the county civil and criminal database systems. He served as an analyst in the development of the current Justice Information Management System (JIMS), and used by private citizens, lawyers and law enforcement throughout Texas. Kenny was instrumental in establishing the Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS) for Harris County which automated the taking and verifying fingerprints on individuals, which has proven itself as the key law enforcement tool to identify (without a doubt) individuals when apprehended.

Other achievements include the design and development of the District Attorney’s Office Intake Management System (DIMS) which is used by over 125 law enforcement agencies to file criminal charges against persons suspected of criminal activities. He was instrumental in the development of the systems (GRITS) Gang Related Information Tracking System, as well as the Harris County Sex Offender data management system.

Kenny is also a graduate of the FBI National Academy (158th Session) and the National Intelligence Academy. He serves on the Board of Directors for the Harris County Federal Credit Union and serves as their security director. In 1983, Kenny was recognized with an award proclaiming him as “Officer of the Year” by the 100 Club of Houston for his outstanding work in law enforcement.

Kenny is currently licensed and certified by the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement Officer Standards and Education as a Master Peace Officer and Instructor.


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