Main Security and Investigations Security & Investigations At Main Security and Investigations, our simple philosophy is to deliver professional, integrated security solutions and private investigative services for a wide range of clients with the most competitive prices in the industry. Based on decades of military and law enforcement experience, we strongly believe that leadership at the top of our organization, educated and well trained staff, ongoing field training, and innovative technology, all coupled with excellent customer service, can meet and exceed your unique security goals.

Investigations in Houston, Tx

MSI’s investigation division has in place a team with broad-based expertise, comprised of former FBI agents, military and law enforcement officers to conduct all type of investigations for businesses, law firms, insurers and private individuals. We have the experience and knowledge to handle any challenge from murders, worker’s compensation cases, to liability claims and insurance fraud cases.

Any investigation assignment is a process. We understand that by explaining to you how we operate, you can feel confident engaging and entrusting one of our investigators with your important matters, as well as making a conscious decision about the cost of the service the investigator has to offer. A successful investigation depends on a clear communication between you and the investigator where your objectives are clearly laid out and where you are informed at all times about the investigation progress.

Main Security and Investigations and Surveillance Specialty Group have teamed together in our endeavor to supply clients with professional investigative/physical surveillance services and a IV levels surveillance training program, coordinated by master instructor Joe Glad, designed to prepare students to operate with confidence and perform in a productive and discreet manner. Whether you need forensic accounting, firearms and concealed handgun license instructors, experienced and proven criminal investigators, proven and professionally trained surveillance specialists to provide covert physical surveillances, pre-employment background search or process serving, our goal is to provide you with a broad team of experts in the security, surveillance and investigation fields to ensure your security objectives and investigative assignments are well taken care of.

Surveillance Training Program

Main Security and Investigations offers surveillance training classes at SSG Surveillance Training Academy where students are prepared to enter into the private investigation field, Federal law enforcement employment, television/radio investigative reporting, bodyguard services, as well as prepare to travel overseas.

The training is divided into four levels, each level designed to prepare the student to be productive as soon as they complete the class and enter the workforce or travel overseas.

Level I – Basic Surveillance Training Classroom. This is a one day academic class.

Level II – Intermediate Surveillance Training. This is a three day training class and consists of combined academics and surveillance practicals.

Level III – Advanced Surveillance. This is a five days training class and consists of surveillance exercises and practicals.

Level IV – Surveillance Detection and Kidnap Awareness, Domestic and International situations. This is a three day training class.

Due to the large complement of training and experienced professional employees, the SSG Training Academy’s Level II and Level III exercise specific training classes will offer one training instructor to every four students, with a maximum class size of 24 students. This offers the students personal attention, immediate feedback and constructive criticism, ample opportunities to ask questions, and the receipt of immediate instructions during ongoing training surveillance.

Level II and Level III include a number of surveillance exercises in a progressive nature which demonstrate analysis, planning, coordinating and the directing of surveillances. The vehicle and foot surveillance exercises will begin in a very basic format, advancing to more challenging ones designed to test the students’ resolve, patience, endurance, confidence, demonstrate common mistakes, and expose the students to many of the obstacles that can quickly undermine surveillance operations.

Level IV is designed for the corporate world and the general public who periodically or extensively travel overseas. It is now common for Americans to be under surveillance by hostile groups of a terrorist nature and/or be kidnapped for ransom by outlaws. Industrial espionage from the host countries national intelligence agencies has never been so active and prevalent than it is right now. This course will familiarize the students with how surveillance operates, then move to how the students can detect surveillance, be aware of the target rich environment that they carry with them, their company assets of interest, techniques used by adversaries, how to avoid and change their own human behavior, and how to perform a discreet “surveillance direction run” to flush out individuals with hostile intentions.

Typical engagements include:

  • Asset Searches
  • Background Checks
  • Bug Sweep and Detection
  • Child Custody and Child Support
  • Civil Investigation
  • Missing Persons
  • Polygraph Examinations
  • Repossessions
  • Corporate Investigation
  • Criminal Investigation
  • Domestic Investigation
  • Due Diligence
  • Electronic Surveillance
  • Financial Surveillance
  • Trial Preparation
  • Workers Compensation
  • Fraud Investigations
  • General Investigations
  • Identity Theft
  • Infidelity Investigations
  • Insurance Fraud
  • Judgment Recovery
  • Wrongful Death Investigations
  • Forensic Accounting

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Main Security & Investigations, Inc.

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